BeltFeds.Com, LLC is one of the largest suppliers of M60 Parts in the Nation.

In addition to the M60, we also specialize in M134s. M240s, M2Hbs, M249s, and PKM Machine Guns. We are a Federally Licensed manufacturer of firearms (FFL 07/02 SOT) under our sister company Stryker Defense.

  We offer in depth inspection and repair services for the M60 Machine Gun. Working closely with our manufacturing partners in the defense industry, our goal is innovation, advancement, and strategic development of various weapon systems.

Since our company was formed, we have sold thousands of Machine Gun parts to customers all across the United States. We work tirelessly to be able to deliver products that can be found nowhere else and pride ourselves in being a source of knowledge and experience when it comes to the M60 Machine Gun.

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Aaron Demko – BeltFeds.Com , LLC

Phone: 610-983-8257 | Mohnton, Pa

Email: Sales@BeltFeds.Com

Stryker Defense – FFL 07/02 SOT