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UH-1B Huey Gunship

This is a UH-1B Huey GunshipIt is complete minus T-53 Turbine Engine. It is not in flyable condition. This Aircraft was made in 1962 in Ft. Worth Texas for the US Army. Serial Number 62-1931.. It has the heavy duty tail boom on it. This aircraft last flew in 1989 for a forestry service. It was assigned N number N91284.

    This iconic Gunship was built and put on this earth for one reason..To kill people… and occasional transport.. so 2 reasons maybe…. This is a military surplus aircraft that ended up in civilian hands. It is perfectly legal to own. Would be great for a museum or in your out building. It is truely a sight to see. Most importantly it is a Warbird and nearly impossible to find. Soon enough these will cease to exist in civilian hands…

    This can be transported on a low boy trailer. Or there are several companies that will pick it up and deliver it directly to your door. No logs or data plates. Unknown times on the components.