M192 Lightweight Tripod

M192 Lightweight Tripod With Cradle

Condition – Excellent



These are for use with the M240 and M249

At 11.5 lb (5 kg), the M192 is 6.5 lb (3 kg) lighter than its predecessor. Unlike the M122, its rear legs are independently movable and stored in a forward position. Because of this design, there is no need for a locking bar connecting the two legs.

Additionally, the M192 features an integrated traversing and elevation (T&E) mechanism. Instead of the M122’s ratcheting screw method of operation and locking traversing bar, the M192 uses a pair of levers, which unlock the gun’s position. The levers are designed to allow the gunner to make “bold adjustments” or “minor adjustments”, depending on how much pressure the gunner uses.

Due to its lighter weight and different configuration, it is claimed that machine gun crews can emplace the M192 more quickly than the M122.