M60e6 Conversion Kits

M60e6 Conversion Kits

Condition – NEW


Kit Includes:

M60e6 Barrel

M60e6 Topcover

M60e6 Feed tray

M60e6 Buttstock

M60e6 Handguard

Tango down grip

M60e6 drive rod

M60e6 Drive Rod Spring

M60e6 OpRod

M60e6 Bipod

M60e6 Trigger Group

M60e6 Charging Handle

M60e6 Sling Swivel

M60e6 Ammo Hanger

The M60e6 Conversion kit transforms your M60 in the latest variant of the M60 Machinegun. This kit improves the M60 in virtually all areas, making it into a reliable, modern weapon system, that now competes with other belt fed machine guns on the world stage.

e6 new

e6 kit_burned

e6 kit 2_burned

e6 kit 3

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e6 kit 5

e6 kit4_burned

e6 kit 6_burned