CapCo M60 Assault Boxes- Click Here for more details

Date: December 16, 2016 Posted by: Aaron Demko In: Belt Fed Machine Guns

We Have a decent supply of CapCo M60 Assault Boxes in stock.

These boxes were made by Capco (Capawanna Company Las Vegas, NV), which began production in 1985. They are a hard plastic and will attach to the M60 standard, e3 , e4, or e6 feed hangers. They hold 100 Rounds of Linked ammo.

    Approximately 1,400 of these boxes were produced by Capco. They came out around the same time that the US Military was adopting the M240 and never secured a military contract. So they never went into mass production. They were featured in a May 1989 article of Soldier of Fortune which I have posted below.

     These have not been available for quite some time…..

I have posted a video here to give a better review of these boxes –>

Soldier of Fortune Article —->

Price – $75 each



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